3D Printing Service

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Rapid prototyping technology is gaining a significant following among engineering designers and makers, as it provides a fast and efficient method to produce new products. Taking up rapid prototyping brings higher reliability from conceptualized design as compared to other prototyping methods. One of the major issues that product designers face is not having the capability to showcase new designs to clients or management in order for them to understand the final products.

Rapid prototyping is utilised to create high quality, economical prototypes from CAD data. This extremely successful procedure allows the following:

  • Study the product design more successfully
  • Reduce the time it takes to get products into the market
  • Create rapid tooling to produce the product
  • Makes modification to products faster and easier


Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective laser sintering (SLS) are perfect for rapid, one-off prototypes. SLA can also be utilised as a master for the procedure known as vac casting. SLS prototyping is like SLA but is known to give stronger and sturdier parts. Carbon filled SLS prototypes can also be created, and they generally are used in automotive manufacturing for creating practical prototypes for preproduction testing without expenditure of tooling.

3D printing service UK makes lightweight, high performance metal and plastic parts which are can be harder to produce using conventional manufacturing processes. From one-off prototypes to end-use production parts, they are made to be stronger, lighter and more efficient. Producing products with this method is cost-effective, fast and very accurate and utilised in several leading industries such as architecture, aerospace, automotive and medical, just to name a few. 3D printing service UK is a complete range of tools from injection and blow moulded procedures in a range of materials to injection stretch PET or multi-layer co-extruded machines.


Our research and development centre provides all features of product development from initiation of concepts, through to pilot production of completed parts. They work with numerous customers all over the world sharing the knowledge and skill to get parts delivered with the highest standards of quality and as fast as possible. There are highly skilled professionals, who have an enthusiasm to do extremely well on each and every project.

We help clients to find solutions to get the parts from advance stage to production in the most proficient way whereas still fulfilling the demands with best quality. They have the skilled staff to guide and recommend customers about prototyping procedure to assist their products becoming actuality. This specialist knowledge is supported with a flexible way to every client’s individual needs.