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Bringing the amazing world of 3D Printing to schools and education establishments!

At 3DPrint we believe that improving and learning new skills and knowledge is key at primary, secondary, college or university education levels. In 2012-13, the Department for Education funded a project to explore the potential use of 3D printers across STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and design subjects at schools*. The results of this study found great applications within schools, so we at 3DPrint have created a workshop and learning opportunity to teach the next generations using our own BlitzBot printers, with safety as a paramount feature.

BlitzBot printers are ideal for workshops and classrooms:

  • No chemicals, fumes or sharp cutting tools allows safe classroom operation
  • Use of readily available PLA plastic filament for safe, eco-friendly 3D printing
  • Low operating costs gives students unlimited access
  • High resolution produces realistic models with fine detail, hollows and moving parts
  • No post-processing required after printing for easy-to-use operation


What does the 3DPrint Education Program involve? 

The Education Program will involve our team coming to you for a workshop with the teachers and students to demonstrate our own 3D Printer and its capabilities. Objects will be created in front of the students eyes while they learn about this rapidly growing technology. 

With a chance to take “The Third Industrial Revolution” into schools and introduce it to young, vibrant minds, this program allows students to discover how 3D printing has no limits when it comes to creativity.  By letting students see 3D Printers in action, and allow them to design, create, test and correct their own ideas, it makes education fun, with an end product produced in as little as 30 minutes.  



Another concept of the program is to allow teachers and students to build their own 3D printer. This will be made possible by using their original 3D Printer, to create the majority of the parts needed to assemble another. All that is required on top of this is some non-printable parts (fixings) and then it is pieced together. Full guidance will be provided along the way, with the required information at your fingertips in Guideline Documents.


Everything you need to know will be available within the program. The 3D Print Education Program is a mixture of physical hands on work, computer design, and some written work. Any designer or engineer will tell you that you cannot reach your targets without writing down where you have gone wrong, or planning what you need to do.


3D printing enables you to get a design via an STL file or create your own on selected software. You can then print that design and test it to see how or where you have gone wrong and what improvements are needed. Students can work independently or as a team and it will give them a great sense of achievement when the final product is perfected and produced.

3D printing has been the innovation that has enabled companies such as Boeing (Planes), BMW (Cards) and even Hershey’s (Chocolate) to make leaps and bounds in their respective fields.*


BlitzBot 2.0 Prints Espresso Mug


The new model by Blitz 3D printing an espresso mug, at our workshop in the West Midlands. The BlitzBot 2.0 prints up to 100 microns, at high speeds and to a large build volume.