Blitz 3D

Blitz 3D is the latest brand in the boundless world of 3D Printing

Unrivaled in it's build quality is our latest design, the BlitzBot 2.0, manufactured from our premises in the heart of the West Midlands. The BlitzBot 2.0 gives you the assurance and the ability to consistently print and produce intricate detailed 3D masterpieces. Not only is it structurally sound but lightweight too.

With a 31% increase in build volume (from our trial model the Blitzbot 1.0), the BlitzBot 2.0 offers the chance to explore a whole new side of 3D printing by allowing the construction of larger 3D models. A variety of filament types can be used such as HIPS, PLA and ABS, meaning you can venture to not only new dimensions, but you can do it in a variety of 3D materials.

The BlitzBot 2.0 is simple as well as sleek in its design. The simplicity increases the ease of access, with an open frame increasing access to the printers parts. With a majority of the parts being 3D Printed themselves, the BlitzBot 2.0 makes for easy maintenance as well as exceptional specifications to match your needs.  





Your BlitzBot 2.0

You can be the owner of your very own BlitzBot 2.0. Each Printer comes ready built for you,

with its own installation guide, 1 year warranty and an ever present support team to aid you.

Start your journey into the magical world of 3D Printing with Blitz 3D today.

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BlitzBot 2.0 Prints Espresso Mug

The new model by Blitz 3D printing an espresso mug, at our workshop in the West Midlands. The BlitzBot 2.0 prints up to 100 microns, at high speeds and to a large build volume.

BlitzBot 2.0 Specifications:

Weight: 9.98kg

Build Volume: 210mm x 210mm x 260mm

Filament Types: ABS, PLA, HIPS 

Resoltion: 100 Microns

Touch Screen CPU: Upgrade Available

Software: Blitz3D

Dimensions: 54.6cm x 49.6cm x 32.8cm

Extruder: Single Head Extruder Nozzle