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Welcome to Blitz3D!

Welcome to the first blog by Blitz3D, I hope you find it as interesting!

Our Blitz3D journey is flying along on a projection that we are trying to control. Our production line is hard at work, with BlitzBots building more BlitzBots…and more and more. Our test models are around the UK, with the feedback filtering in on a weekly basis. This is our utmost important focus, to constantly adapt and nit-pick until every kink and improvable area is improved upon.

3D scanning is a huge factor in the future of 3D technology, which basically means we want to get involved in it! Our latest efforts in our R&D department are to provide 3D scanning systems, on top of our 3D Printer: the BlitzBot2.0. More on this to follow in the near future…

Back to our printer, and what it provides to the consumer. We have been using the early models from R&D largely for Rapid Prototyping purposes and the results have been interesting. Durable, accurate models created for customers within a day or two has been impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the quality of the prototype prints. Model houses have also been created, and done so with accuracy that highlights the printing detail, as shown with the orange house to the right…

At our factory, we are stockpiling large quantities of our 3D printed printer parts (the files for these are going up shortly on our website, all open source!). To be able to produce these so quickly showcases one of my favourite aspects of 3D printing, the simplification of trial and error! This allowed Blitz3D to produce the BlitzBot2.0 in less than half the time it would have done. Also, to constantly evolve each part to maximise efficiency; such as clearing the filament feeder channel to decrease snagging, or developing the extruder belt mount to stop the belt sagging.

Changing the tangent now, my favourite 3D news story this week comes from, and is their coverage of the successful zero gravity printing by China. China appears to be relishing the challenges of the 3D printing industry, and to take it to space is the next big step. Read the article here:

Up next I will be writing about our upcoming shows and exhibitions, as well as the success we enjoyed at the Photography Show, at the NEC Birmingham last month.

Thanks for reading.

22nd April 2016