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Use or easy 4 step process to submit your files. You can also set a price for the Design you upload and will be paid royalties everytime your product is purchased on this plaform****


Once your submission is verified and approved it will go live

Triforce Pendant

Jewelry Pendants

  • FlywithMe

Pinhole Camera

Miniatures Camera/Video

  • Lojvak

F15 Jet

Miniatures Aircraft

  • Keyhole42

F16 Jet

Miniatures Aircraft

  • Keyhole42

Yoda Pen Holder

Accessories Other

  • infla8te

Eiffel Tower

Miniatures Figurines

  • Imraan786

Empire State Building

Miniatures Figurines

  • TeamSkunk

Toyota Keychain

Accesories Keychains

  • Surf21

A reminder of the prizes

The contest is open to everyone from anywhere but the designs you submit must be your own or you should have the direct permission of the creator. You cannot submit files taken of the innerweb!

Winner £1000:

Second Prize £500:

Third Prize £300:

Fourth Prize £200:

**All approved submissions will go live on site and will be available for download.

***Entrants who choose to set a price on their submission will be paid royalties everytime their file is purchased

Not (yet) a designer?

Suggest a design for a print on our facebook page that can change the world or make things easier or be a more cost effective alterntive.

Share with friends get an engaging discussion going and you could win £500 just like that!

Terms and Conditions

  • Our goal is to let the community be as free as possible in sharing their creativity with others. We want to be an inspiring place, and understand freedom of design expression is all important. In light of that, we have a few common sense rules that we ask you to keep in mind. These especially relate to copyrights and keeping our community for a general audience.
  • All contest entries must present in a positive light. Entries featuring or pertaining to illegal items or acts that may bring into disrepute will be rejected. Entries with offensive graphics and/or words and/or objects will also be rejected.
  • Use your common sense! This sounds simple but lots of mistakes happen when people ignore simple rules. We would like everyone to make whatever they like, as 3D printing is a technology that enables innovation and the possibility to make completely new things is unlimited. However, we do take copyright seriously and are legally obliged to respond to any copyright infringement notices we receive.
  • The creator of a 3D design must hold the copyrights to the content. Hence, please only upload your own original work, work that is freely available through a Creative Commons license, or work that does not infringe on the rights of another copyright holder. You can submit a design on behalf of someone else but you need to get their permission first
  • From the partner dashboard you can "set a price for your design" and "offer for sale to others". None of these settings will mean that any rights you have to this model will be transferred to the people viewing or ordering your model.


  • We are inviting everyone to join, wherever you are in the world. Contestants must be registered participants of Those who don't have an account yet can sign up to participate in this exciting competition.

Submission Format

  • We are only accepting STL formats with a 300mb maximum file size

Conditions of Entry

  • Prize funds will be paid out to the winners through after which they will be able to initiate a "withdraw" request Thus, participants must have a valid account to participate in the contest. Entry deadlines may be extended at the discretion of the organisers
  • reserves the right not to award a specific prize category at its own discretion if the entries are deemed inappropriate or of poor quality or whatever. Cmon people of this universe we want to give away this cash. Be sensible, be honest, be good.

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